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Found some matches.
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I was also planning on storing the data using sqlite, but that was more for being able to go back and look at smoking sessions kind of like a log. Provided that the table structure is mostly 3rd normal factor in its design then I don't think I would have any issues there. It sounds like we have a lot of similar ideas if not exactly for the same purposes.

I think these are the main differences between our ideas right now:

1) ioio board / arduiono + usb shield
2) method for remotely viewing the data and controlling the device
- I wrote my own server which runs on the phone connected to the arduino. It listens for socket connections and writes the temps out to any of the established connections every time it pulls a reading.
- The client app runs on my real phone. It connects to the socket server and if the device switches between wifi, 3g, 4g it seamlessly re-establishes a connection. I have heartbeat packets sent periodically to make sure the socket is still active. If a connection becomes inactive or is dropped it will sound an alarm.
- The client app can set alarms for upper, lower and target temperatures so any probe can be used as the smoker or meat probes.
3) others?

The logic (for me) behind using my own server code was that if either of the devices lost connectivity it would sound an alarm on the client device.

I use the Steinhart Hart equation to get the temperatures and this is done on the server android phone. I am working through providing a way to re-calibrate the probes but I am not too far down that road yet.

I've never done anything that can control a fan, so using stuff already written would be nice.

Maybe we can chat more about this over a more proper medium. feel free to pm me and we can connect there and exchange contact info if you're still interested.
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