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Originally Posted by SirPorkaLot View Post
Or pretend to be a restaurant owner

I have two valid RD membership cards that came free when I registered with them as Sir Porkalot BBQ.

All I needed was a biz license.

To get the biz license, I did this:
  1. Get an EIN (free from Fed Gov't)
  2. Take EIN and go to local City Hall and paid $24.95 to get annual license.
  3. Go to RD with Biz license - get 2 membership cards good for the year.
Cheaper than a KCBS membership and can't be taken away for the next year
They gave you a restaurant biz license without a health inspection? I went to mine and they said I couldn't get the license without the inspection. So since I didn't have a place to be inspected I thought that was it?
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