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I went to a very large BBQ competition this summer. My family and I ordered a rib plate from the best looking trailer in the vending area. They put the pork on the plate and then opened a cooler and got store bought coleslaw and baked beans out of a can that had just been warmed up. It was awful, I couldn't believe it. Later that day they won he rib competition, I bet that wasn't the same ribs we were served.
The next monday I sold my racing business and started work on a new BBQ trailer. We are just about 2 weeks from opening up, all we got left to do s mount the exhaust hood and appliances in the trailer and get our final inspection done. The health inspector ask me why I didn't have a freezer in the trailer and I told her I didn't serve any frozen food. Everything is going to be made fresh, even the beans will be made from dried beans instead of cans and the fries will be cut fresh and double fried. I might not make as much money doing it that way but I'll know people will come back.
Thanks, Jeff
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