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Originally Posted by chad View Post
Well, pork is relatively cheap and beef, not so much. I'd figure rough cost at $3 for meat and maybe $.75 per side. Add it up and multiply by 4 to keep a rough 25% food cost then multiply that by 30 to get a the total per plate. Or, figure per pound, delivered: maybe $10 for pork and $12 for beef and some pricing for the sides...add them up and add 10 hours of labor to the total.
Lots of ways to get there, it just depends on how hard you want to work and how much compensation you need.

10# pork @ $10 per lb. = $100
10# beef @ $12 per lb. = $120
30 orders slaw - $45
30 orders pot salad $45
10 hours labor @ $15 per = $150
Total: $310 + 150 = $480
10 hrs wont cover the prep and set up time let alone cooking and running around?
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