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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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So ordered the Sportsman Sunday and it got here today. I took it on a dry run to see how it behaved. 30 briquettes with an electric starter and it was up quickly. I have a small deBuyer skillet that suffered a mishap and needed some seasoning so I slapped it on. In just over a half-hour the skillet was over 400 degrees on the grid (legs up) and smoking the canola oil per the IR thermo (Iím a temp freak). Switched the grid to legs down. Amazon reviews complain about the space the logo takes up in the center of the grid but I find it great for checking the temp with the IR. She stayed well above 300 for an hour but at 1:05 she fell below 300. Next run will be more briquettes. I have two ribeyes bathing in merlot for tomorrow. The plan is to cook taters, wok veggies, saute sauce and cook the steaks. If it works Iíll post something. If not, well it wonít be my first failure. I donít intend to do a lot of full meals on it but I think it will be a great companion to my large BGE for sides and sauces.
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