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Default Brisket Chili from leftovers

Minor pr0n and a very improvised and successful recipe. just had a bowl of it, and i was pretty happy with it.

So I live in Brooklyn, but luckily I have backyard and a UDS. Unfortunately I'm often cooking for one so when I Que, I gotta have a plan for the leftovers. I had a bag on sliced frozen leftover brisket and figured i've give chili a shot, but keep the bbq flavors in with it

3 lbs plum tomatoes or large can of crushed tomatoes (35 oz approx)
1.5 lbs brisket chopped
BBQ Rub ( I used Montreal Steak + Brown Sugar+ chili powder & paprika)
3 Jalapenos
1 Large Onion
4 cloves garlic
8 oz Dried Kidney Beans, cuz i'm cheap
1/4- 1/2 cup of fav BBQ sauce (i used sweet baby rays, not my fave, but i have ALOT of it)
2 cups chicken broth

So here goes: while defrosting my brisket I roasted about 3-4 lbs of plum tomatoes in the oven with sliced garlic and olive oil. then pureed them in a blender

As im doing this I'm soaking/ boiling my beans. thats beans. for chili. with beans

then I cube and re-rub my brisket and throw it in a sautee pan with a little bit of bbq sauce. keep it low and stir often so you don't burn the brown sugar. trying to make 'faux' burnt ends here.

Once the beef's ready dice and sauteed the garlic in whatever bowl will be your chili bowl. when you can smell it add the peppers, and when they soften a bit add the onions.

salt and pepper as you go

add the tomatoes and broth and beef. add the beans last and let it reduce to thickness that makes you happy. you can skim the fat off the top as you go if you're a crazy person.
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