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Originally Posted by boogiesnap View Post
interesting slant.

so you're suggesting more judges travel from the upper midwest than the south east and west, AND that their numbers are so great as to influence national championships via predisposition of great BBQ over 100's of teams from mulitple regions?

I ABSOLUTELY believe that the large majority of the teams in the top 10 compete regularly in that area...and.."that area" is defined as the midwest whether it be the 'northern midwest or what have you'... had a distinct advantage. Obviously none of us know where the 50 judges came from but being the gambling person I am, I would bet good money very few came from the new england area, the southeast or southwest.....OR northeast. Note I am NOT saying NONE came from those regions, but I am confident the majority came from a 200 mile radius of Bentonville....hence the advantage to midwest teams.

As for our poor showing....we deserved the 39th place we got so... "the kid" here is not belly aching or calling it lousy judging. I am sure the judges did the best they could but they do have regional preferences. That is why our "sport" is damn near gambling....because we cannot control what judges like....there is nothing quantitative and there is little we can do but cook our best and hope for the right tables. We did not cook our best.

Anyone that would argue that the outcome of this contest would have been the same if the contest were held in Rhode Island, or South Carolina or Arizona or Washington State would have to be totally eaten up with ignorance. Judges are heavily influenced by their preference in flavor profiles and regional differences definitely come into play. If you don't believe me...take any team you wish and let them compete for two years in another region and see how they do compared to their home territory. Very, very, very few teams score well all over the fact....I cannot think of one team i would put my money on if they competed nationwide regularly....and nationwide is not defined as IL, MO, IA, AR or OK. On the other hand, I am not trying to take away from the success of the teams this weekend..... but to believe that all teams had the same level playing field in terms of judging preference is a Carolina Panthers...they will be hyped up about "THEIR" team than looking at stats.

They were searching for judges.....and all Master judges were eligible for participating in this event. An extremely few will make the LONG ASS drive or pay airfare to go judge this cook-off and I do not blame them. SO, this event was loaded with judges from a close radius.

Twist this or turn it anyway you wish if for any reason other than being argumentative....again...bring that contest to another region of the country and let's see how the results differ. The same applies to the Royal and other "National Championships".

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