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Originally Posted by chrisnjenn View Post
It is also very obvious that dmp was deliberately trying to stir the pot to cause a fight/spark a debate. Being a troll whose obvious intention is to cause division should of at least get a warning IMO. Not the first time he has done that or I assume last since he is allowed to do it. I see he doesn't even donate to the site to support it either, yet speaks as if he owns it.

We are all adults. If you don't like a poster's posts, don't click on their threads. Not hard to do especially if you an adult.

Jeff, ignore the intolerance.
Originally Posted by Svenmac View Post
Let's see the title of the thread only has a contest and his official KCBS team name listed. The link has no over the top religious titles. But you decide to call him out and make this about religion and a public forum. Like the owner stated if Jeff typed a 200 word post that showed up everytime someone opened the forum then you might have a point. The fact is you looked it up, you opened the thread, you attacked a brethren.

Heck as a matter of fact your big green egg in your signature line offends me. Everytime I see a post by you with the big green egg signature line I an going to report you. Of course I will have to seek out and open your threads to find the signature but don't let's trivial things like that get in the way of a good post right???

Oh and one more thing the government doesn't give anything. It's power comes from the people and the People have time and again upheld freedom of speech and freedom
the horse is dead. Let it go. Dan voiced his opinion TESPECTFULLY as were his requests. There is no need to further discuss ir or pile on since i have clearly stated our ifficial position.

And to make it known, Dan is NOT alone in his feelings nor is he the minority. He just happens to be the one voicing it publicly but rest assured i have more messages stating discomfort over our forum allowing this than advocating it to. As i said before, our demographic goes very far beyond christianity and this is not comforting to the 'majority' as assumed. We would much prefer a neutral stance be taken but have not planned for this when we set our guidelines. If it continues to be a sticking point we will address things accordingly.
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