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Originally Posted by Outnumbered View Post
, I'd like to know if that 6 I occaisionaly get is because it's a horrible experience for the judge or because that judge is a hard ass or the judge is inexperienced and is truly saying it is only average.
Here is what I would like to see....After the last card is turned in to the table captain...he says...for each entry...on taste we had...a 9...3 8's.....a 7...and a 5. Don't identify the entry...just the range of scores.

That kinda tells the judge who wrote the 5 that he is out of line compared to the other judges at the the table. I know down here in the south the rep will most likely to talk to that judge...but it doesn't always happen.

It can be used the other way also.....if I hear that the table gave all 6's and 7's...and I gave a 9...maybe I need to rethink what excellent is in BBQ.
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