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Originally Posted by Outnumbered View Post
Good luck, Diva.

Any ideas on the things you'd like to see different from the BOD?
I said I'd express some things after the Royal, it goes

To be totally honest, I don't know what the Board can/can't do according to the rules, however, I'm down with having a set of guidelines that are known to everyone IN PRINT on how to handle disciplinary situations. That whole penis apron thing seemed like a not very well thought out cluster.

In listening to the mp3's, it seems like the Board does a LOT of micro-managing. Seems that if there are committees, they should do some legwork/research on the task at hand and make a recommendation that the Board should vote on. Theres a Board Member or two that are on each committee and the President and Executive Director is on each committee (at least they are on the Membership Committee), utilize them.

That's about all I've got, right now. I'm not going to promise anything, other than to do the best I can, if elected. There are 11 other people on the Board, so, promising some big change would be crap. I'm not going to have a Facebook page or any of that stuff. If elected, I'm sure I'll be assigned a committee, letting you know now, if elected, I'll ask to be a co-chair with someone that's been on the Board for more than two seconds. I can't see doing a good job when I don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do. Cheryl Hill (The Smoking Hills) and I, are running together, she's a great gal, cooks every weekend. We also agree to disagree.

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