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Default Pork loin stuffed with apple, prune & onion

Set out to stuff it with sour kraut and apples but I had some prunes I wanted to use up and when cooked they’re not much different than raisins.

Place 2 Tblsp each of bacon grease and butter in a sauté pan and added a chopped up Maui sweet onion until soft then added ¾ cup chopped up prunes and two cut up apples plus a 1 ½ Tbsp of chopped rosemary and sauté a couple of minutes then added approx 1 cup apple juice to simmer down until soft but not mushy. Added 3 Tblsp brown sugar at the end and stirred it in.

Took approx a 5.5 pounds of an 11.5 pound pork loin and butterfly cut it (the other 6 lbs are in a dry brine for making Canadian bacon). Seasoned with black pepper and Pork & Poultry Rub and sprinkled a little more rosemary. Placed a layer of the apple/prune/onion mixture and rolled it up and tied it. Coated it with a little peanut oil and more black pepper, rub and rosemary.

Onto the smoker until an IT of 100º (110 minutes) and then went to 275 for a grill temp of approx 300º and pulled at 145º (another 102 minutes).

Nice layering of the fruit and I can taste the extra smoke from the chimney downdraft mod. I also made some of Smokin Don’s Cheesy Pull Bread with a little garlic and dice Jalapeno. Forgot to add the chopper green onion and next time I’ll slice deeper with larger squares to make it easier to stuff. Add some vegetable medley and it was a great meal.

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