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Originally Posted by The_Kapn View Post
From your comments, do you envision a new thread for part 2 ?
If so, may I suggest you add on to this one later to keep it all together?

These long processes make more sense when they are from start to finish in one thread and the reader does not have to jump around to follow it.
Just a thought.

These types of well documented threads are what makes the Brethren incredibly valuable as a cooking resource.
I actually disagree, I find digging through PAGES looking for content, or instructions very annoying!
You're just like where the hell is part two!?!?!
Digging through threads that are like 20 pages is a big pet peave of mine ;)
I like my instructions and info at the top of the thread for easy data retrieval.
But to each his own..

Now.. You have inspired me to try this. Just printed out the ingredients list and will begin this week or next :)
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