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I guess i will have to put this to bed before it gets out of hand.

First, as forum owner, this is a tough call for myself and our mods.

Personally, I find religion and how I choose to practice it a very personal thing, and when I come across those that insist on preaching their beliefs to me(even those I am in full agreement with), I will admit that my tolerance nosedives extremely fast. The folks who come to my door carrying whichever book it is they are preaching are not normally greeted very cordially. MY PERSONAL opinion, is that they, without knowing me, have NO RIGHT to assume I agree with, or care what they think or believe. Its personal to them, and its personal to me. Go away. You dont know my beliefs, unless i am in my church. My front porch is not the place to make that decision, and my wife of a different faith finds these folks EXTREMELY offensive. i agree with her.

Thats my opinion.. like it, dont like, do whatever.. thats my take regarding my front porch, and honestly, it would extend to a playground, a shopping mall, or my 20x20 at a BBQ contest. When or if I am approached publicly by those holding the little placards or bibles who begin preaching to me, be sure they are shut down or out very quickly. Not because i agree or disagree, but i find it rude for them to assume i agree or want to hear it.

That being said, this forum is public.. as a member, i choose NOT to open these videos. I saw the first 2 and decided I am not a fan and find them way over the top. The BBQ part is pretty cool, but mixing in the religion just wasnt for me.

However, as the forum owner, and part of the admin staff, we have to live by the rules written and the very top of the rule set says we can not moderate on content and we must moderate on a strict set of rules. The videos are not breaking any of our rules, and everyone has the option of opening it or not opening it.. I know what to expect in them, and choose not to open them. I suggest others who find the content questionable do the same.. or take it a step further and use the ignore button.

This approach is ONLY being taken because they are videos, where there is an option to open or not open. Be aware, and take this as a heads up, if tit ever makes it to text form in posts, or begins to embed itself in other threads or inappropriate places, WE WILL step in, even if it means a modification to the ruleset. This IS first and foremost a BBQ forum and not a pulpit.

One other thing folks should know and take into consideration is that we, the mods and myself have received other messages regarding these videos and messages. Everyone must understand, our demographic is HUGE and of all different faiths. This must be respected. Comments like "Everything comes form God" has already sparked a dozen PMs to my PM box. This is one belief, and not everyone's. Just like in BBQ, there is no one way, in faith, there is no one belief.

My job here is to do what is best for the forum as whole and our admin staff will watch and act accordingly.
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