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Moontz, the current code is on sourceforge at . As you'll see below the screens are ugly and there's a bug where the screen displaying the thermometer temperatures isn't updating with the new values. I assume something needs to be done to tell Android to repaint the screens but my efforts have failed so far. If it's easier for you just send me the files you update/create. Otherwise give me your SourceForge ID and I'll add you to the list of committers. Let me know if there's anything else you need or have questions on the code. Feel free to add your name to the files if you want credit for your work.

To all: here are the screens as they currently look. The end result should look much better but this will give you an idea at how it should flow.

The initial screen looks like this. You can set your smoker temperature and PID settings (which will someday be saved in the DB).
Press "New Monitor Session" to start up the monitor. This creates an Android service that will continue to run when you run other apps. This brings up the screen that will display the thermometer temperatures:
As you can see there's currently a bug but pretend there are numbers there. :)

Note the icon up near the top which is supposed to look like a drum with flames on it. (Yeah, yeah, it needs work.) That is a notification symbol to indicate that the smoker is being monitored:
To shut down the monitor, you select the menu and then press "Stop Monitor"

Things I plan to add in the near future:
1) Display a timer.
2) Make # of thermometers and their names configurable.

I'm looking for suggestions on what you'd like to see added/changed.
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