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Originally Posted by Corky View Post
Funny but I like nut woods for pork but not for beef. I like Oak with a touch of mesquite for beef, except prime rib which I do all oak.
I am a bit lost---I thought Oak was a nut wood.
Just kidding--we like the same thing except I use a TOUCH of Mesquite on PR also.

Originally Posted by landarc View Post
I dislike mesquite for smoking, the flavor tastes muddy to me. I prefer oak and/or pecan for beef.
That left coast Mesquite must some weird stuff

Seriously, I think the major bitch with Mesquite overall is that it is a strong flavor and will overpower the meat in a heartbeat if the cook is not careful. When I use it in MODERATION, I think it is an "earthy" flavor. When I have oversmoked with it, it is bitter and tastes like nasty creosote from a poorly managed fire.

This is a pellet thing only, and of little interest to most, but I mix "blended" mesquite pellets into all of my nut and fruit wood pellets. Winds up being 10-20 % which gives me the extra "earthiness" flavor we have grown to love.

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