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Thanks for the kind words. Yep you get hooked after your first comp, then it's hook, line and sinker after your 1st GC. You definitely want to go out and do it again, but what we'er after is consistency, if were are consistant then good things will happen. Krunck we'll see you at the American Royal. We love the Goatheads, those gents can cook, and even more importantly they have a good time while they are at it. That dog is our lucky mascot, if you don't have a lucky charm, I suggest you get one. Since Maks been going along to cooks we've GC, RGC and a 4th overall. Or maybe we'er just getting better. Thanks Big Poppa, your the man. The Bretheren site, and your site were our inspiration, we've learned so much from you guys. Smitty get those great, adorable kids of yours a dog.
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