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Default 22" WSM and iQue 110. How Long Should Fuel Last?

Greeting Brethren and Sistren,

I recently purchased an iQue 110 to use with my 22.5" WSM. I am pretty happy with how simple and effective it is at controlling the temp. I didn't leave it overnight because I had never used it before and I didn't want to wake up to ruined meat (I had six 10# butts on the WSM). It seemed to hold temp for about 6 hours before I had to add fuel. Is this normal?

I am curious how closely everyone follows the recommended starting procedure in the pamphlet. The instruction are the add two chimneys of unlit and one chimney of lit charcoal. That seems like a lot of lit, as it seems most start with half a chimney of lit or less.

So, this long winded post boils down to two questions.

1) How do you set up your WSM when using the iQue?

2) How long should I be able to run before adding fuel?


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