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Went to the shop to check her out today, going to be a thing of beauty when all done. Here are some more pix. The builder has some crazy talent and knowledge.

I've given him the basic concept and pretty much let him run with it. He's added a heat element for smoking. There will be a door in the front that will allow the wood chip tray to be removed. The try will ride on angle iron to be able to slide in and out. There is a stack that will eventually vent the smoke. The bezel for the thermometer was a late addition that really makes it stick out. There will eventually be diamond plated shelves and a front shelf that can be raised or lowered.

The next step will be to add the "C" channels for the grating to be raised and lowered. The plan is to cut a couple slots to allow the grate to be lowered just above the flame to get a nice sear. The wheel is going to look great on it when installed.

She should hopefully be done next week. I'll post more pix soon. Can't wait to bring her home and fire it up!

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