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Default Newbie Competition Scoring question

So last weekend I took part in my first competition, at the Royal (I know, nothing like facing Justin Verlander when all you've done is hit in the batting cage, huh?). Having no illusions of Grandeur, I focused on having a good time (had more fun than I imagined), and cooking my two items as well as I could. My wife's work thing, so I was only responsible for brisket and chicken, but some of my friends and I are considering doing a few comps a year now, and I had a couple basic questions.

1) What would be a decent first time score? I know the weighting system and everything, but I'm trying to wrap my head around what's "Good" (other than 180).

2) How can I get my individual scores (taste, tenderness, appearance)? Obvioiusly we got the total scores in the booklet they passed out after the awards ceremony, but can I see how I did in these areas? Thanks!

Also, I plan on posting some pics here in a bit to my boxes to have them roundly laughed at, but for now, thanks for the feedback on this.
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