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Thumbs up nailed it!

being a newbie to this forum, i must say that Bamabuzzard nailed this topic!

i never heard of this 'crutch' but can see its merits (but not sure how you'd get that which i crave...bark!)

bbq is the end result...and the journey is supposed to be a culinary adventure to be shared with as many friends as possible!

Originally Posted by Bamabuzzard View Post
I don't foil because I don't want to nor do I need. When I bbq I'm in no rush to "get it done" in a certain amount of time and I can attain the same tenderness without it. So I really don't need it. But many do and I see nothing "wrong" with it. The most important thing is the final product and having a good time. If both are accomplished then what can be "wrong" about that?

People need to lighten up a bit. This is bbq not frickin' Bible Theology.
real bar-b-q men don't use it low and slow...and love to eat bark...
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