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Update: Still moving forward and working on the PID and the screen communication. Moontz, I should have something by tomorrow night. Do you have have suggestions on what to use to plot graphs on Android? I've been looking at and it appears to be simple but maybe you have experience with something else.

CapnBry, how steady have your temperatures been using the HeaterMeter? I'm just curious as to what my ceiling will be.

Version 1 of the UDS controller will expect the phone to be tethered to the controller. The IOIO can use a bluetooth dongle for communication so theoretically someone can use an Android phone to connect wirelessly but that will not be my initial focus. Right now the lowest OS version that will be supported is 2.2. I don't see a need for that to change.

For version 2 I have an old Motorola Droid that will spend the rest of its life connected to the UDS. At some point the Droid will act as a web server so I can monitor the UDS when I'm away from home (and also taunt my friends with "look what I'm cooking!").

This road map may change on a whim as I get new cool ideas or lose interest. :)
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