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Default Brown bag chuck... Faux burnt ends (pron)

Wanted to make some "burnt ends" from a 4.3 lb. chuck roll and test the idea of using a heavy grocery bag instead of foil or butcher paper. 10am... Egg full of Royal Oak and 3 baseball sized chunks of oak buried in the lump. Guru held temp. at 275. Chuck roll liberally (sorry Tea Party) coated with SM "Peppered Cow." Pizza stone on the "spider" as an indirect piece. Smoked uncovered until 160 internal. Placed on trivet in disposable Weber grill pan. Poured 1/2 " "pertneer bilin' " water (from kettle) in the bottom of the pan (not touching the meat). Slid everything into a large grocery bag and tucked the top underneath. Stuck probes through the paper into the roast. Went in like buttah... frozen buttah! Took a nap. Two hours later the grid temp was holding steady at 275 but the internal temp. had risen only 3 Welcome to the stall. Another hour and half the the internal temp. was finally at 170... Unwrapped the meat and probed. Still tough. Beautiful brown bark, though. Gonna be a LATE supper. Cut the chuck in two... added more hot water to pan and foiled. (Sorry Myron). Bumped temp. up to 325 Getting dark when the smaller of the two pieces finally showed 195... Impatient, I pulled both pieces and cut into irregular chunks (Never thought little square cubes looked like real burnt ends.) Divided meat into two Webber pans and added 1/2 can beef broth, 1/2 a large chopped onion, garlic powder and more Peppered Cow to each pan. Added mixture of Cowtown, Blues Hog Regular and Blues Hog Tennessee Red to one pan. Returned both to the Egg at 350 an hour later my spousal unit demanded nourishment (She'd nuked a baked potato and doctored some spinach). Pulled the unsauced pan. Amazing. Meat still a bit chewy but the Peppered Cow plus the garlic and onion gave the smoked beef a flavor I hope to duplicate. We ate over half a pan full. Left the sauced pan on another hour. Sampled it for breakfast... Good burnt ends taste... bark reminded me of Bryants burnt ends years ago.

Next time: #1 Use hickory chunks and more of them... Needed more smoke. #2 Skip the bag and foil after 160... bark might soften a bit but it's going to be sauced or covered with broth, anyway. #3 Use a bigger chuck... much bigger... Spending all day on 4# meat is crazy when you could have 12#
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