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Howdy mcblm!

I did a lot of reading through the links Pitmaster T provides on this page:

Additionally, CarolinaQue's discussion on the same topic was helpful as well:

I didn't follow everything to a T, but I think my new technique would boil down to this:

Rub in Worcestchire, then light to moderately coat in ground sea salt and ground pepper. I used Tellicherry which is supposedly a bit milder.

Cook at 275 fat cap down, I also used a foil pan underneath with water in it.

When flat is 170, double wrap in red butcher paper. Put back on smoker.

Cook until a probe slides easily in flat and point. Will feel this in point first. Flat will still likely feel tough. Another hour or possibly longer, the flat should give up and feel more or less like the point. In this case, that occurred when the temp hit 205. I wasn't cooking to a temp though. I just checked it for fun.

Once you hit that checkpoint, take it off to rest. Some have used 200 degree oven. I just shut off the dampers on my BGE and left the fire choke out. This slowly causes temp to drift back to 200 for at least a couple of hours. In this case I rested it for 1 hour or so.

Total cook time including rest, 13 hours for 8 lb quasi packer.

I'm no expert. This method may result in a total mess.
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