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I am interested in the CyberQ Wifi as well, because my Maverick doesn't work in my home office in the 2nd floor whereas my cooking area is on the lowest deck of our hillside estate.

Too bad that it has to be a Windows-only software, because we don't have a single machine running a M$ OS here, but different versions of Debian/Ubuntu Linux instead. Can't the software be made platform independent, which would also allow the Apple Mac users to participate?

At least there is now an Android app available, because I was fearing an iOs-only version.

I am not a programmer, so I can not contribute. If it's just not possible to make the software platform independent, I'd rather play around with a shell script than trying to get it going with WINE somehow (but I guess it's a no-go anyway due to the .Net stuff).

Anyway keep up the good work, I'll follow this thread, although I am still not fully convinced to invest in a CyberQ right now, because it is really expensive with shipping to Austria/Europe. I wish the CyberQ developers would participate here in this thread, as I find it a little odd, that they do not have any software and phone app for their product themselves at hands.
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