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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thank you Chicagokp!

Jason thanks! The pasture pic was from earlier this summer. It's not that green now but better than last year. :)

Originally Posted by Grabnabber View Post
Cool post, and salad/jelly looks awesome. Nopales (cacti) are in all the Mexi grocery stores here, I'm gonna try some. Never really knew what to do with those.....

How do you know when they are done? Do they get really soft or...???

Thanks for the idea!
Thank you Tom! I just get a good char on them and make sure they are heated through. They do have that "okra" thing going on when sliced but you can rinse them before using if you want.
They are not strong flavored so any kind of sauce or dressing works well with them. (hope that makes sense. lol) Good luck!

Originally Posted by bbqbull View Post
Thanks for the taste report on those cactus. Saw some in our local farm market yesterday but had no clue how to prepare them. Nor did I know what they taste like.
Thank you Jeanie!!!
Mike thanks! You can hold them over a flame to burn many of the bigger thorns off but scraping really works well.

Originally Posted by Ijustwantedtolookatpics View Post
Now that is cool...Fascinating to a guy that's only seen cactus in a pot on someone's desk.
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks Ijustwantedtolookatpics! I hope you get to see some in the wild one day.

Originally Posted by tdwester View Post
Growing he in Phoenix we had prickly pear cacti everywhere. Never had a clue how to make the jelly. I have to give this a try next time i'm down there.
Good luck with them tdwester! The fruit is ripe in my area in September. :)

Originally Posted by Big George's BBQ View Post
Your pasture is out of sight. You are the bomb I have never had cactus and cactus jelly but hesard that it is excellent. You just confirmed with your Pics That salad looks wonderful
Thank you George!
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