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So for a decent firebox what combination is preferred? Once a new smoker arrives; either a Lang 84 or something similar I know I'm in for a bit of an adjustment.

When I first started was briquets and apple / pecan wood chunks. Then went to briquets and sticks of apple / pecan. Then Lump Coal and Wood Chunks. I've been using Lump Coal and Wood Chunks for now; since it seems to have least amount of ash. Only thing I've really noticed with my PoS smoker is that it doesn't hold heat well so the briquets would last longer.

But thoughts on the new smoker will be lump coal starter with sticks for burning? Just trying to get my head wrapped around it.

FYI - think of me and my buddy like this: I'm a full time computer geek so am a lot like Toughie and my team mate Craig, is a long time electrician / general contractor with an attitude like Johnny Triggs. It is an interesting mesh of geek sheets and just get-r-done attitude.

And yes I am seriously looking at getting the CyberQ WiFi by Guru ... one step at a time though.

Again I'm new and greatly welcome all feedback.
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