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Originally Posted by GrillinFool View Post
Last I checked Myron Mixon uses the freshest peach he can. I've used pear cut off the tree that morning and cooked for the food editor/restaurant critic for the St. Louis Post Dispatch that afternoon. That guy has a seriously good palette. He didn't notice a difference.I will say that it took a little longer to smoke, being wet, but otherwise it was fine.

The notion that wood has to be dried out is a false one. We assume that, because by the time we get all our smoke wood it's already dried. Doesn't mean it has to be.

Don't sweat using the fresh wood this weekend.
I think that it depends on what wood you're using. Fruit woods are fine to use green IMO. However, some thing like hickory, I've tried to use green and it didn't work out so well.

A couple of reasons Myrons method works is because it is peach wood (a very mild smoke to begin with) and he cooks at a much higher temp which affects how much smoke the wood is putting off.

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