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I like to use my 22" Weber Kettle for the birds, since it's really about cooking hot & fast.

For chicken, I get a pile of coals going, then dived into two and push to the sides, place a pan down for the drippings and toss some wood chips down for smoke. Then I set two birds in the middle and cover for an hour. Perfect every time!

For a turkey, I get eight pounds of charcoal white hot and spread evenly across the bottom. Right before cooking I toss another two pounds down with a couple of handfuls of wood chips. Then place a 12-14 pound bird (that's about as big as you can go and still get the lid on the Weber) in a foil pan lined w/onions, carrots & celery. Cook for an hour uncovered to get brown and smoked. The cover w/foil and continue cooking until done. Allow to rest before carving, etc., etc.... The drippings in the pan make excellent gravy!

Lastly, I've never brined my birds before, but the Brethren here have convinced me to give it a try.
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