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All.....first of all I want to say thanks you for this site and what a journey this has been! When I first had the idea to build our Santa Maria it was just idea. After I saw a santa maria grill at a party i went to about 2 years ago i knew right there I had to have one. After that party I worked on trying to find out how I was going to build one for myself. Every few weeks I would look online for ideas and how to cook on them etc...

Then came the day I found and I believe I posted something like "santa maria build ideas" and after a few posts I received a PM from IgotGas aka-Chad. He offered to help me build my santa maria and I was somewhat shocked that there was such a msg. He had the shop, the tools and talent. I took him up on the offer and from there the amazing adventure started. I was given the opportunity to learn how to use certain tools and even weld for the first time...but that's a story for another day.

Chad showed me how important and great this site was to the point that I had to join. This site has provided so much information and insight from all of you that it truly means a lot and I thank you all. This is why I decided to become a member.

Our first big bbq will be for about 40 people this weekend for my daughters 4th birthday party. Still trying to decide what to cook...been thinkin tri-tip and chicken and dogs for the kids. Any ideas? I'm sure Chad or myself will be taking pics of the cookout and will post as soon as possible.

I have raised the fire pit and it's not the prettiest inside but it looks decent and works well after the first test run. I will make it look pretty after this weekend. There is just to much to do and not enought time. I'll be cooking with almond since it's such a universal simple hot wood.

So on that note.... I want to thank Chad from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done for me and the patience you showed when I changed something or added ideas :). I'm glad we've become good friends and look forward to hangin out and taking our kids places and thank you to Michelle for her patience of me taking up her husbands time :).

To you Chad.......5...1...5...0 somebody call the popo............THANKYOU!

Traeger Lil' Tex 075, Weber 22" and my newest...custom built Santa Maria grill!
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