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Originally Posted by Eggspert View Post
I judged at the royal. I think things were handled as close to how they are required from KCBS guidelines. We had one person on our table that was not a CBJ. I think that was typical. There just are not enough judges. Our table had a good mix of experience. Right next to the non-cbj was a master judge.

One thing that may cause some lower scores is, typically people compete in their home area with judges from the home area. For a contest like the royal judges travel from further distances. That can affect scoring. Judges may not be used to flavors you use. Also styles of cooking.

For example: All the ribs I judged were dry rubbed only, no sauce. I have never run into this in other contests. I am sorry, but dry rubbed ribs don't have the wow affect that sauced and glazed ribs do. They don't look as appitizing. I scored them down.
Also, I had a lot of 3 boxes with chopped pork that was difficult for me to judge texture. There were things I ran into at the royal that I don't typically see in the upper midwest. Also, most of the food I tasted was cool if not cold temperature. An usually long time with food going into the box to the judges table might have lowered scores. Meat flavor and texture greatly changes with temp.

Just a few ideas for what it's worth.

Eggspert BBQ
Thank you for the quote about the cool/cold meat and the possible texture issues. We shall take that into account for future cooks. The air temperature was unusually cold both Saturday and Sunday and we were boxing outside in our EZ Up (which is also where we "slept"). Our spot was just short of half a mile from the turn-in area...I'm not sure how we could possibly turn in a hot/warm product, even using the insulated bags during transportation...but we'll try harder in the future.

No wonder Tuffy runs his turn-in boxes to the judging area.
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