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Hey Cque,

Thanks so much for this write up! Did my first brisket and it came out very nice! A little bit more salty then I'd like, but I also added Montreal steak spice, so that might have been it. Granted, this was my first brisket, so I'm not sure if I'm just tooting my horn, but it was definitely moist and tender compared to the very few BBQ places we have in my area.

Quick question, I pulled it out of the rest in the oven at 200 after 2.5 hrs, and sliced. Is this correct? Or is a rest at room temperature required after pulling straight from the oven?

Also, I tried slicing the point with the flat, but find the grain runs a different direction in some parts. Do you separate and rotate the point to match the flat? Might have just been the piece I had, but am not sure. i'll probably try burnt ends next time, but those fatty slices... wow! so gooood.

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