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Default Akron Temp Control Issue

Hey all I wanted to throw this out there in case someone else out there was having the same issue that I have been having cooking on my Akron Komodo. In short no matter how I adjusted my vents I could not maintain any temperature range without adjusting the vents every few minutes. So I set out to do some trial runs to learn how to do it. My goal is to be able to maintain a 20 degree range with little effort.

After a few runs using RO Lump (with no wood chunks) I was still having the same problem, unable to maintain a temperature steady within 20 degrees.

So, I took a step back and thought backward about it for a minute and then it finally dawned on me. I am using to much lump!

I shut it down and started my final run of the day. Step 1 was to completely clean out the ash pan. Step 2 was to light my chimney 3/4 full with lump. Once it was ready I dumped it in closed the lid and set my vents to just slightly open. My temperature ran up to 280 and stabilized.

I am no longer seeing large temperature swings. It appears I may have found the answer, but I will reserve final judgement until I see how long I can maintain my range without changing my vent settings.

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