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When I was a kid my dad would cook with what we call milk or cream cans. The old cans that creameries used to use. Now "crafters" paint flowers on them and put them by flower beds. Dad had a rack welded for him so he could build a little hardwood fire under the can. Then he would take the silk off of about 2 dozen ears of corn but leave on the husks. Then he would wash up 10 lbs. of potatoes and throw them on top of the corn. Next he would put processed sausages like kilbassa or polishes and maybe a processed ham. Finally he would add a cored head of cabbage or two. He would put a quart of water in it and tap down the lid and wire it down. Once steam started out of the can while it was on the fire he would cook it for 45 minutes. He would add to the fire just to keep a nice puff of steam going during the cook. At the end he would set out a bunch of sheet pans on a picnic table and take out the food with tongs and let it cool for a few minutes. It would feed at least 15 people. It was a lot of fun, easy, and a bit of a show for the crowd.
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