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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Winter temperatures regularly fall to -5 to -10C (Dec-March). I'd like to barbeque during these months, particularly during the holidays. I've read that the Auber system has had trouble in colder climates, although I'm not sure if this has not been corrected.

I've been able to use my old cheapo smoker for many years during the winter, but I would like to try a more automated system. I've picked up a Char-Griller knock off (side firebox)and would like to use it as a test bed. It will be quite an experiment for me, but as an avid all grain larger scale homebrewer, I'm used to adaptation and experimentation.

Sorry to be repetitive, but are there any $58 systems left? Just wondering as this would be a factor in the system I decide to buy and try.

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