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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Clayfish View Post
I was a little disappointed at first to see no actual 'bier' was involved in this post, but then I saw the end result and I forgot about that, awesome once again Jeanie!
lol Clayfish... I had bier to wash it down. Thanks!!

Originally Posted by Trawlerdog View Post
I'm bookmarkin' this thread for future use. Love cookin' in a dutch oven. Thanks for the inspiration to get it back out.
Thank you Trawlerdog! Looking forward to seeing your DO cooks... hope you take lots of pics for me.

Originally Posted by Johnny_Crunch View Post
Golumpki is awesome but the ones I have tried are tomatoe sauce and rice filled. Did you use deer hamburger in those?
JC Thanks! I and not heard of Golumpki...sounds tasty with the rice. I used regular ole beef in these but venison ones are good. Thanks again.

Blue, Thanks friend!!

Originally Posted by Grizzly6 View Post
What was the approximate temp you were cooking at?

Thos look amazing!
Thanks Grizzly6! In a regular house oven I cook them at 350F.. I cooked these at a lower temp, closer to 300-325. Had some other things going on and just stopped by to rotate the lid once. Didnt keep a close eye on them. lol

Thanks again!
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