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Just my opinion, but I think at an event this size, table captains are on their best to do things right. Judges as well, but there are a lot of judges needed (over 500).

There were 545 teams competing and of that huge number only one could win and one DAL.

Complicate that by judging methods. Each table scored only six teams based on the overall experience, knowledge and tastes of those six judges, thereby placing a score comparing you to over 90 other different tables.

Also, many teams come in from very far and are very good. By sheer number, this is probably the toughest contest to get a call at in the whole world. Even great teams find themselves with surprisingly low overall ranks compared to normal just due to this fact.

That said, I saw something of a consistency in our scores. For example, on one entry we got 33's from 3 or 4 judges and 29's from the others. Not an ideal consistency, but did seem to show something. Our scores were not all over the map except one score on one entry that was really low and thrown out.

At the Royal, you must first deliver the absolute best product you can possibly kick out. After that, it is pure luck to get called. If 50 of the top teams in the world crank out their best, only 20 will get a call. Then there's the other 500 teams who are equally in play...
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