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Default american royal judges

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I finished 405 overall at the AR this year, worst showing ever, maybe i am just a sore looser. But did anyone else get major surprises with the scoring.
Ribs 29.7, 29.7 30.2, 28,29.14,29.14 and wonderful judge 5 22.8
butt 29.4,33.7,32.5,28.0,32.57 and judge 3 25.7
I know there is always "that " judge, and we must deal with it, but really wonder if the event is to big and judges are not qualified, or table captains are not doing their job,

Am i just bitching and need to suck it up, and i hear there is a new judging system being tested

I look forward to listening to this and all the threads,
PS I was the contestant this year that was towed in on a flatbed tow truck and towed out as well, blew an axle ten miles from the event
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