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Are there any Android UI developers out there? I could use a hand in making the screens look more professional. I don't have any problem with the logic and algorithm stuff but my UI skills suck.

Update: I'm still waiting for my IOIO to arrive so I'm focusing on the Android programming. I've written some of the UI code and a service to monitor the smoker. I couldn't find a PID algorithm written in Java so I'm converting the one written for the Arduino. I'm getting help from the author but it'll take a few more days.

Once I get all the basic screens finished I'll post some screen shots to get some feedback (assuming I can figure out how to get screen shots on Android).

The cost so far is $80 (including shipping--thanks Amazon!). I still need to get the probes which I figure will cost $30. Anybody know a cheap source for Maverick probes? The last major item that I haven't bought yet are the parts that will be needed to attach the fan to the smoker; I still have no idea how I'm going to do that. Not including the Android (which is perhaps not fair) the total cost should be $120-$130.
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