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Default CTX Style/Red Butcher Paper Brisket, my best brisket ever!!(PRON)

After reading all the Franklin's threads, watching all the videos, and even sampling Kreuz and Saltlick BBQ briskets first hand, today I attempted to recreate the Austin/CTX Brisket.

I started out with a little 8lb choice grade split "packer" brisket from Costco. I didn't know it was not a full on packer until I unwrapped it. It looked kinda odd, but just went with it. After discussing the matter here:

I decided I got "duped" in my purchase, but nonetheless, had to run with it.

I trimmed the brisket up, but left alot of fat still attached, as this was such a small brisket, I was worried that I would dry out and make jerky instead of the delectable treat I wanted.

For the rub, I ground up 1/4 cup of sea salt into the consistency of sand. I also ground up 1/4 cup of tellicherry pepper into a kinda coarse grind. I then mixed these together. I rubbed the brisket with worcestershire, then sprinkled on a light to medium coating of the salt/pepper mix. It sat on the counter for about 20 minutes before going into the BGE.

I put the brisket on my XL BGE(loaded with B&B oak lump), indirect, over a foil pan of water. The temp was 275, and it was controlled by my Auber controller.

No remote temp probe was used. I did use my meat probe, but mostly just to check for buttah, and certain check points.

At 170, I double wrapped the brisket in red butcher paper. I probe checked it about every hour after that. About 12 hours into the cook, when the whole brisket probed like butter, I measured the temp. It averaged about 205 across the whole brisket, though the point was good to go at about 190-195.

I then shut the BGE down, removed the Auber, and let the brisket sit for about an hour while the BGE temp wound down.

I then opened my red wrapped bundle of goodness:

The brisket jiggled all over. I had to slap it. I had to. Much to the chagrin of my wife who is convinced I have lost my mind...

Holy cow...pardon the pun. This was in the top 2 or 3 briskets I've had in my life. My wife said it was the first brisket she's ever really liked. She kept asking me what I put on it. I still dont think she believed it was only salt and pepper. See, I've got a spice rack the height of an 8' door mounted in my pantry. And it is loaded with rubs, some which are very very good.

But this was all S&P! I may never use another rub on brisket again. The whole family went after that brisket like they had never had one. And possibly in truth, they never have. At least not like this.

Here's the final sliced product before we began devouring it:

I've cooked decent to even pretty good briskets, but this was in a whole nuther league. The smoke ring wasn't as pronounced as I've had in the past, but it didn't matter. The texture was spot on. The bark was spot on. The flavor was totally beefy. No sauce ever made it to the table.

To those of you contributing to all the Franklin's threads, I thank you. To PitMaster T...Thanks for the videos, and even all the crazy posts. I still don't know my George Clinton from my Aretha Franklin, but I have watched all your vids, and read most of your brisket help page links.

I feel I've finally cracked the code to the gates of Nirvanna. Thanks Brethren! You guys rock!
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