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I like to do Prime Rib on my smoker, I think it is best this way. I have done them in all manner, from simple to fancy. My favorite, to chop fresh herbs such as parsley, thyme, maybe a small amount of oregano and rosemary. Then mix it with kosher salt and medium grind black pepper, I do this on the cutting board, using a pastry scraper so the salt and pepper scratches the herbs into a paste, add a little olive oil so it is spreadable. Spread all over the roast. Then onto a smoker running at 225F to 250F, cook until 130F internal at a point just above bone, I cook bone-side down, still, the bone seems to take longer. I do monitor internal temperatures (unlike my real BBQ cooks) as I like to open the vents around 115F to 120F to get some color.
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