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So, I found some turkey breakfast sausage, got 2 lbs and squeezed it out of the casings. Got some Uncle Ben stuffing and thick bacon. I put the sausage into a freezer bag with some poultry seasoning and mixed it up and flattened it out. Into the freezer for an hour or so to stiffen up and make it easier to work with. In the meantime, I made up the stuffing and allowed it to cool. After the turkey was stiff enough to handle, I rolled up the fatty, and made up a bacon weave. Slathered some agave syrup on with more poultry seasoning. Back into the freezer overnight.


In the morning, got the Mini WSM going with cherry and pecan chunks and preheated to 250ish.. Threw the log on and smoked for about 4-5 hours. Sprayed some cranberry cherry juice on when there was an hour left.

Took it over to my mums later on and it was enjoyed by everyone there..

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