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Originally Posted by SmokeFan View Post
Thanks Caseydog.

I was kinda going with a Wine and Swine thing, but you bring up a really good point. That might be too much pork. Chicken would probably be easy to deal with ahead of time. Would you recommend whole chickens, or just grab a mess of thighs to get the chicken to stuff the empanadas?

I'm not sure anyone in the group would know a good plantain from a not so good one. I've done green ones as tostones, and ripe ones with sugar cinnamon and butter. They tasted ok to me. Then again, I don't know any better either, To someone who's had the real deal, it probably wouldn't be so hot.
I don't think it will matter whether you use whole chickens of just thighs in your empanadas. Roast chicken was a common roadside food in PR, and shredded, it should be good in empanadas. I'd cook whatever is easiest.

The last time I made fried plantains, I had to go to multiple stores to find them, and they were not pretty. You have six Fiesta stores in Fort Worth, so you may have an easier time. Fiesta stores usually have great produce, including hispanic oriented produce.

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