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Default Cuban/Wine Party menu ideas??

We're hosting a Cuban themed party this Saturday for about 30+. The main course is roasted whole pig done on my La Caja China(first attempt!).

I've been kicking around the usual sides such as black beans and rice, fried plantains etc.. I also got this idea to do empanadas(done a couple days ahead and frozen) for an app, made out of a cuban mojo injected pork butt, smoked on the bge. I've kinda also toyed wit cooking an extra butt or two in case I flop with the big. Everyone keeps saying how easy they are on the caja china. I guess I'll find out...

I've googled all the usual places, including here, but was wondering if anyone had some really cool ideas, and perhaps the recipes to go with those. If you have cool versions for black beans/rice/plantains and such, I'd love to see those too!

Of course it needs to taste good, but relatively easy to prepare would be a plus, as there is a pretty decent size group. The wife doesn't cook so much, and I imagine I'm gonna be busier than a one armed paper hanger on Saturday with the pig.

Thanks Brethren!
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