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Please remember though, the healthy versions of the various ketogenic diets out there only have no or very low carb for a limited time, typically called an "induction phase" of 2-4 weeks, before reintroducing healthier carbs at moderate levels. If you are on a diet that doesn't let you have healthy fruits, vegetables, and grains on a regular basis after the induction phase, I would reconsider the diet you are on. Some ketogenic diets cycle the amount of carbs you can have on a daily basis (they have no carb days, moderate carb days and high carb days). Some have the carb levels the same from day to day within the week, but increase the amount and type of carbs you are permitted to have every few weeks. By the end, many of these diets have ratios similar to the zone diet (40-30-30), but with Paleo choices for the foods.
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