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Originally Posted by gtr View Post
That dirty cooker thing is a myth, not to mention kind of nasty and also a fire hazard - you can burn up a load of food like that if you let it go too far. I don't clean my cooker out with soap and water, but I do wipe it down good. Once in a while I'll hit it with the scour pad side of those yellow sponge thingees. Some guys will get their cookers really hot & get a little water in there to steam off the gunk. Some folks will use "Simple Green" or you can blast it with a weed burner and wipe it down after - whatever you do, the gunk has got to go or you will continue to have the same problem.

Yup. Thick white smoke is laden with nasty chit. Once a fire is burning cleanly and efficiently, the smoke will be more translucent and blue, sometimes not visible at all. Lake Dogs has a good side by side example photo around here somewhere.

Here is one of many threads on fire management. Fire management is a big deal, IMO more so at this stage than brining or not, spatchcocking or not, etc. If your fire isn't right, it isn't gonna matter what you do in any other part of preparing food.

dtr is so right on this!!!!!!!! Bad Smoke=Bad BBQ. If we are talking a Weber Smokey Joe to Treager. If you do not have good smoke your food will be awful!
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