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Default Crispy Skin On Pork Belly! What To Do?

I bought a 7.5 pound Pork Belly Yesterday and Cut in Half because I want a few trys to make it right. After reading so many post on here I decide that I am going to use the KISS method when it comes to seasoning. I did my first 1 with just a heavy dose of Crushed black pepper grinded up in a coffee grinder I have dedicated for that purpose. I applied a liberal amount of Salt and Pepper. I put Cherry wood on UDS that has 2 levels with a weber cover. I smoked about 2 hours on Top level FAT SIDE UP at 235 with a deflector as not burn the bottom. It was at 140 when I moved it to the bottom grate turned it FAT SIDE DOWN. I cranked up the UDS to as high as I could get it and attempted to CRISP UP THE FAT. It kinda worked. It certainly rendered more of the fat off.

I have never had Pork Belly before and it tasted like ribs with out the bone which is awesome. When i fried some pieces in a frying pan it tasted like Bacon which seems logical based on the fact it is uncured bacon meat. That is really the taste that I liked. It is due to that crispy skin.


What are some of the ways to crisp up that skin? Little scared doing it on another grill due to flare ups. Anyone done it in the oven or broiler?

What if I did it fat side down longer in the UDS? Does that grease smoke harm the meat in anyway?
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