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Default Small Packer = no flat?

I've done a few larger packers, say about 12-15lbs, but this is my first attempt at a smaller packer.

It's a 8 lb Costco Choice full packer. I set out trimming the thing up this am, and the first I noticed was that there is very little actual meat in the flat section. There's easily as much fat as flat. If I trimmed fat down to 1/4" I doubt the whole flat would be 3/4" thick.

The meat is a beautiful color, and I think the point is gonna be great, but this flat looks more like beef bacon than brisket when viewed from the side. Have I been had?

Either way, it's on at 270, rubbed with nothing but a dalmation mix of sea salt(ground) and tellicherry pepper.

Here's a pic that shows how thin the flat is:

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