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Originally Posted by Daggs View Post
Really been waiting to see the finished product. I like the smoker well done. What were you fueling it with and how much did it take. Looks like a wood hog...

All I had on hand was some apple chunks and some kingsford comp briquet. filled the basket to the top with briquets(5lbs or so ) and apple and lit a dozen briquets in the chimney then placed them on top.

I had a hard time getting it back to temp after I opened the door at the 4 hr mark, so I added a half chimney of lit briquets. All in all I went through 3/4 of an 11 lb bag and a few chunks of apple in 5 1/2-6 hrs.

I want to see how it'll do with wood next time. I just have to find some.
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