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Default Table Captain Drops Rib Box

Judged the 33rd American Royal Open contest this past Sunday. The table captain just diagonally behind the table I was seated at dropped a teams rib entry. Appeared to be the first box taken out of the tray for the judges at that table to judge for the appearance score. At least two ribs (and garnish) that I could see were on the concrete floor and not sure where the others had landed. Arms by the judges at the table were raised immediately to signal for the contest rep, in which they promptly responded. Just curious to how this rib entry would be judged from this point forward? How is the appearance score handled, and if there were two or more ribs that ended up on the floor (assuming they only had 6 in the box), how would they judge the entry? And at last, do they notify the team of the mishap.....?
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