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Judge Report

There were many brand new judges and the contest rep made sure to spread them out among the tables. Most tables had 2 newbies.

Chicken - 5 entries, all thighs, bone in and skin on. 4 boxes had 6 pieces and one box had 8.

2 of the entries were VERY good. 4 of the 5 had bite through skin. One entry was dry and one was real salty. I thought the salty one might be too much brine but after pulling the skin off the meat was NOT salty. Must have been the rub.

Ribs - 5 entries, all spares. 4 boxes were presented with 4 over 4 bones. One box was what I call a "reverse" 4 over 4...meaning the rear bones were on top of the front bones. This box was real we started to take out samples it was revealed that there were ANOTHER 4 bones underneath. Never seen that before.

All had great color and 2 had a noticeable smoke ring. 2 were excellent in taste and tenderness. 2 of the entries the meat fell off the bone and one was very tough.

Pork - 5 entries. 3 were money muscle + pulled + meat from under the was 2 money muscles..and one was just sliced.

Many times if the money muscle is presented as a whole piece it can look like something my dog leaves in the back yard. A better presentation might be to have the slices laid down slightly.

Only one entry was sauced and it did not enhance the taste of the meat. One entry was very tough and dry.

Brisket - 5 entries... 3 were just slices and 2 included burnt ends. One was sauced. All were dry and only one had any kind of a beef taste.

Conclusion from this table of judges were that chicken for the most part was great...ribs...very good too....and then down hill from there.

This Sat. I'll be judging at Duluth, GA. See ya then!
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